The Canadian Live Music Association’s advocacy efforts focus on policy advancement, public awareness, research, economic impact and activities that unite, highlight and galvanize the work of the live music sector.

The Canadian Live Music Association works in collaboration with key partners where possible to promote and encourage a greater knowledge and appreciation of live music and to broaden the awareness of its importance, its ability to impact Canadian cities and the lives Canadian’s from coast to coast to coast.

The Canadian Live Music Association and its Advocacy Committee will prioritize and conduct research based on consultation and engagement with members and stakeholders, seeking to answer questions such as:

How much does Canada’s live music sector contribute to the Canadian economy?
How many Canadian’s attend live music events?
Do Canadian’s believe live music is integral to their quality of life?
How are audiences changing?
How are current economic factors shaping the business models of today in live music?

Advocacy Action

Regional Advisory Councils

The purpose of a Regional Advisory Council is to unite the Canadian live music industry by region, and connect Music Canada Live with key issues facing members and live music across our cities, provinces and territories.

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