Become a Member in YOUR Professional Association

The live music cluster is one of the largest segments of Canada’s music industry, yet it has not had its own association – until now.  The ability to organize, speak with one voice and proactively address issues and challenges will have meaningful impact on both your company/organization’s day to day operations and big picture goals.

“The Canadian Live Music Association is the key to unlocking the potential of Canada’s live music scene.  Concerts are among the most powerful economic drivers, agents for social change, and platforms for cultural expression.  We’re here to share that story and help create an environment where all the people and businesses behind those concerts can enjoy great success however they define it.”
– Jesse Kumagai, the Canadian Live Music Association Board Chair

Enhance your network, broaden your knowledge, stay connected, boost your brand, develop and grow professionally, attain opportunities, share/learn best practices and directly benefit from advocacy efforts as the Canadian Live Music Association monitors legislative and policy issues that impact the field.

Membership Matters – You Belong Here.

The Canadian Live Music Association invites those whose businesses involve, impact and inspire the presentation of live music to join the association in the following ways:

  • Member
  • Associate Member
  • Industry Association/Presenters Network
  • Supplier

The Canadian Live Music Association’s members include:

  • Concert promoters
  • Festivals
  • Talent Agencies
  • Presenters
  • Venues
  • Ticketing Companies
  • Industry Associations
  • Suppliers

…and others whose core business is live music from coast to coast to coast.

Membership in the Canadian Live Music Association is available to companies operating in Canada with Canadian offices and employees.

How to Join

Please call theCanadian Live Music Association at 613.769.5559 to discuss membership or send an email to Erin Benjamin.