Live Music Industry Awards

The Live Music Industry Awards honours outstanding individuals and achievements in the live music business sector.

In addition to the existing categories, in 2018 the Canadian Live Music Association announced the Community Impact Award, exclusive to members of Canada’s national live music industry association.  “This Canadian Live Music Association members-only award seeks to honour businesses, social enterprise, non-profits, initiatives and/or individuals making a significant impact through live music in their community,” said Erin Benjamin, President & CEO of the Canadian Live Music Association.  “We are thrilled to introduce this new category and proud to shine a spot-light on key initiatives, led by our members, on behalf of their communities.”

The 2018 Live Music Industry Awards will be Friday, May 10, from 4:30 – 6:30 pm at the El Mocambo.

For more information visit the Live Music Awards Website.

“We know the live music sector is driving revenue for the music industry, with festivals and concerts also increasing tourism in cities across North America. We look forward to recognizing the players and decision-makers from Canada and around the world who are advancing this growth, through an award show dedicated to the live music industry. The awards will celebrate a wide range of Canada’s venues, market sizes and the artists that fill those venues as well as the infrastructure of personnel that make this happen.,” says Cameron Wright, Vice President, Operations and Live Programming for Canadian Music Week.