Why Hire an Apprentice?

What you need to know

Tradespeople and their apprentices are also key components of the landscape of live music. Some of the many skilled trades involved in music festivals across Ontario include heavy equipment operators who prepare the land and transport the equipment, carpenters who build the elaborate stages and cooks and chefs who feed the large crowds.   What’s the benefit in hiring an apprentice and how can it benefit you?

3 Benefits to having an apprentice on your team:

  1. TAX CREDITS: By hiring an apprentice, employers become eligible for various tax credits, grants and bonuses. Learn more at  www.tcu.gov.on.ca.
  2. TRAINED STAFF FOR FUTURE SHOWS: Apprentices have the opportunity to seamlessly transition from work training to employment in your future events.
  3. EXPANDING YOUR HIRING POOL: Hiring and training an apprentice will allows you to expand your experienced workforce to one that is well-rounded and secure in the face of future retirements, labour shortages and other unforeseen circumstances.

Apprentices must become members of the Ontario College of Trades in order to legally work in the province to be able to apprentice for your event.

Apprentices are connected to many facets of live events. Check out the Ontario College of Trades youth website to find many trades that are connected to the music industry.

The Ontario College of Trades will be launching a website to allow your business to not only advertise for apprenticeships but to also match your business with individuals looking for an apprenticeship opportunity. Stay tuned at www.collegeoftrades.ca