Upcoming News: Regional Advisory Council Program Launches

Music Canada Live is pleased to announce the launch its first advocacy program, the Regional Advisory Council Program with the first Council’s in BC and Quebec.  The program has been inspired by recommendations from the Music Cities framework, and the work of Music Canada.

The purpose of a Regional Advisory Council is to unite the Canadian live music industry by region, and connect Music Canada Live with key issues facing members and live music across our cities, provinces and territories.

The role of a Regional Advisory Council is to discuss key common issues facing the broad spectrum of the live music industry in a particular community, identify opportunities, share knowledge and information, strengthen networks and leverage the role of Music Canada Live for maximum impact.

The role of Music Canada Live is to respond to priorities identified by the Regional Advisory Councils, working with the Councils to engage in dialogue with governments, tourism agencies and appropriate key stakeholders, as possible – with the ultimate purpose of advancing and promoting the economic, social and cultural benefits of Canada’s live music sector.

“Music Canada Live is an association that’s sorely needed in order for our industry to gain recognition and funding. The Regional Advisory Council Program represents a key opportunity to share best practices and to work together to develop our sector, and Indie Montreal is pleased to help play a role in its development and execution.” – Jon Weisz, Indie Montreal

We would like to thank members Jon Weisz (Indie Montreal) and Dave Fortune (Pemberton Music Festival) for their participation and feedback in this formative stage of the Regional Advisory Councils.

Members of all live music backgrounds are encouraged to participate in this vital, grassroots conversation.  To participate or for more information please contact Lara Farcasan at staff@musiccanadalive.ca