Three Things: David Pay, Music on Main (Vancouver)

David Pay_colour_credit_Sven_Boecker

Photo: Sven Boecker

David Pay is the founder and Artistic Director of Music on Main in Vancouver. The Georgia Straight writes that his programming “espouses the values of range, diversity, and excellence — words that should be a mantra for all arts producers in our post-millennial, multicultural society.”

What made you join Music Canada Live?

Knowing that this new organization had Erin Benjamin at the helm was the deciding factor for me.  As a social-profit guy, I know the huge benefit of industry initiatives, and I’ve seen the great work Erin has does before bringing people together, creating opportunity, and advocating for positive change.

What’s been the biggest benefit being a part of Music Canada Live as a classical music presenter?

It’s having a voice at the table.  The so-called classical music industry is super diverse.  We have improvisers and medieval flute players.  We have pianists who play the strings with paper clips, and opera singers who perform amazing Mozart.  Like the commercial side of music, scale is a big issue.  Some of us are one-person shops, and some of have multi-million dollar budgets.  And because most of us deliver music within the context of social-profit organizations, the classical music industry has unique needs.  But we also have a lot in common with club presenters and commercial managers and everyone else in music.  I believe there’s more in common — and more that we can all learn from each other — than we might initially think.  So for me, the biggest benefit is having a voice at the table, and also being able to hear all the voices at the table.

Why is being a member important to Music On Main?

Music on Main is entering our 10th Season presenting classical, new, and genre-bending music, but at our core, we’re still a scrappy startup.  I love building things, and becoming an early member of Music Canada Live lets Music on Main be in on the ground floor, helping to build the future of live music in Canada.