2018 – Priorities and Planning

In 2018, Music Canada Live will continue to work to ensure that we:

  • Develop and deliver programs and activities deemed priorities by members
  • Be an effective and persistent advocate on behalf of our members and live music
  • Bring the live music sector together on key issues and challenges, and be the united voice for government and media

In addition to specific and numerous municipal and provincial targets, in 2018- 2019, Music Canada Live will continue to champion the following:

  • The need for a federal investment strategy that supports and includes the live music industry
  • The need for a federal live music strategy connected to emerging provincial strategies
  • A national live music economic impact study to benchmark growth
  • Continuing efforts to support the BC live music industry and BC Music Fund
  • The growth and development of “music cities” across Canada including Halifax, Ottawa, Sudbury and others
  • Enhanced effort promoting and protecting Canada’s concert venues
  • Best practices concerning safety, security, sexual harassment and emergency preparedness
  • Continuing efforts to support the development of an Atlantic Canadian Music Fund
  • Growing the impact of the Ontario Music Fund on the Ontario’s live music sector
  • Effective execution of the Ontario Live Music Strategy
  • Consultation and input with government and other stakeholders regarding ticketing legislation across Canada
  • Other research and development as necessary to ensure the growth and sustainability of the live music industry in and across Canada

2018, here we come. Happy New Year and thanks for getting to the bottom of things.