2017 Year in Review – Secondary Ticketing

Secondary ticketing legislation and educating governments was a major preoccupation of the association in 2017. We expect other provinces to look to Music Canada Live for continued leadership on behalf of the sector. 

The Ticket Sales Act – Ontario

Bill 166 – The Ticket Sales Act was passed on December 13.  Over the past year, Music Canada Live has engaged with Office of the Attorney General, expressing, through meetings, written recommendations and an appearance before Ontario’s Social Policy committee, support for (as examples) the banning of ticket “bots” and private right of action, but had concerns regarding other proposed requirements, specifically:

  • Price caps
  • Inventory disclosure

We are pleased that the government removed the inventory disclosure element of the proposal thanks to effective and consistent efforts from industry and Music Canada Live.  Much remains to be seen in terms of enforcement and other aspects of the legislation, however.

Our statement on the passage of the Bill can be found here.

Fair Trading Act – Alberta

On November 29, 2017, the Government of Alberta proposed the Consumer Protection Act (formerly theFair Trading Act) which introduced ticket buying provisions including:

  • Banning ticket bots
  • Requiring re-sellers to offer full refunds for tickets that are cancelled, counterfeit or purchased by bots.

Music Canada Live met with key decision makers to reiterate our support of the elimination of “bots” and to express our concerns about imposing price caps and inventory disclosure requirements.   We are pleased to report that the legislation integrated Music Canada Live’s recommendations.  Next steps in Alberta will include further consultation to ensure regulations within the bill can be fully effective.

Music Canada Live is pleased to be an effective and strong advocate for its members:

  • Both provinces are now aware of what the live music industry feels is key with regard to legislation that truly protects consumers.
  • Music Canada Live’s ability to effect change underscores our importance as the trusted voice of live music in Canada, ensuring that our members’ interests are acknowledged and protected.

British Columbia is also reviewing its current ticketing legislation and we are in conversation with the Province. Ultimately we believe that consumer education and awareness are key, and will continue to work with governments to deepen efforts to protect fans from fraudulent ticketing activity.