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While the music industry evolved and gave rise to streaming, Shazam, e-ticketing and RFID wristbands, one area remained underdeveloped: concert booking.

RedPine is the modern-day concert management platform, offering end-to-end search, booking, messaging and ticketing for your show. Artists can browse almost 400 venues nationwide and create booking requests in seconds. Details like capacity, tech specs, preferred genres, and venue accessibility help musicians in selecting the perfect stage for their show.

Requests are automatically populated with the musicians’ profiles and booking comments. RedPine then reviews the bookings for eligibility before the requests are passed on to the venues. Gone are the days of acoustic artists asking to perform at your thrash metal bar; venues can be confident that booking requests from RedPine are well suited for their businesses. The booker then has the option to approve or dismiss a booking at the click of a button.

We create a group chat for every booking, a central hub for all involved parties. There, musicians and venues are able to discuss the details of the event, upload documents, and track ticket sales in real time. Additional features include tour planning, sales dashboards, next day payouts and 1-on-1 booking assistance.

We’re thrilled to join the Canadian Live Music Association’s mission to grow Canada’s live music industry by connecting independent artists and venues across the country.

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