Nanaimo International Jazz Festival Association (NIJFA)

The Nanaimo International Jazz Festival Association (NIJFA) produces an annual jazz festival in Downtown Nanaimo and professional jazz events throughout the year. Our festival is held in Mid-September, is affordable and presented in venues our charming harbour city.


• To provide opportunities for local jazz artists

• To bring an international headliner into our community for a three day residence and integrate them with our local musicians

• To increase tourism to downtown nanaimo through live jazz performance

• To develop a greater appreciation and audience for jazz music by performing more of it locally

• To work with other jazz festivals and organizations to help further the same and similar goals.

Nanaimo has a distinguished connection with jazz in its professional performers, some who have achieved national and international recognition as well as its jazz education programs in both the public schools and Vancouver Island University.

In 2017, we produced an innovative program celebrating the 100th birthday of the first jazz recording. In 2018, we are producing a series of eight concerts – March through June – and featuring some Vancouver Island’s best jazz artists.

“We believe membership in Music Canada Live will provide us with the tools and resources to help us build an audience/home for jazz, and assist us in achieving funding to ensure a standard of fair wages, similar to those paid to classical musicians, for professional jazz artists in our area.”

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