Muskoka Music Festival

Muskoka Music Festival, (formerly Sawdust City Music Festival), started with the vision of renowned Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Miranda Mulholland and her desire to celebrate her Gravenhurst heritage. Miranda’s Great-Great-Grandfather was Charles Mickle. Mickle owned the lumber mill that gave the town the nickname “Sawdust City”, was Gravenhurst’s mayor three times and commissioned the construction of the Opera House for the town’s residents – one of the festival mainstay venues. 

We are now entering our fourth year celebrating the vibrant culture, natural setting and community that make up Gravenhurst and greater Muskoka. With a mandate to build and grow a sustainable music festival in Gravenhurst, Muskoka, we provide locals and visitors free or affordable, high-quality musical entertainment. We use venues all over the town, including the Music Barge on Gull Lake which was built for the Queen’s visit in 1959. 

We have seen the August long weekend in Gravenhurst become a trusted destination for amazing music, special artist collaborations and community. We have welcomed visitors from all over the world and over 75 bands/artists to perform for our audiences. We intend to continue to grow in a sustainable and locally minded way and celebrate the past and future of Historic Gravenhurst, gateway to Muskoka. We are thrilled to be joining the Canadian Live Music Association with our peers and colleagues.

“I am so proud to be carrying on in the footsteps of my Great, Great Grandfather. He believed in the power of Arts and Culture to unite people as I do.”

Miranda Mulholland

Sawdust City Music Festival was one of my very first festival experiences in Canada and I was so welcomed by the organizers. The high calibre of artistry at this festival was truly astonishing and I made some friendships and connections that will last for a long time. It was clear to me that the wider community of Gravenhurst was hungry for this level of musical offering. This is a gathering that should be supported in its future success!  – Jeremy Dutcher, Artist 2017

“Miranda Mulholland has, in two short years, managed to create an exciting and inclusive event that features world class musicians. It was a joy for our group, Good Lovelies, to participate this last year in  “Sawdust City” – it is clearly growing and on track to become one of Canada’s premier music festivals. We hope she’ll have us back someday!” – Caroline Brooks, Good Lovelies, 2018 Festival Headliner

“Sawdust is a classy festival with a great homespun, small town feel. Well curated and welcoming on every level.  Dad and I had a stellar time there.” Joel Plaskett, (Bill and Joel Plaskett) 2019 Artist

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