Edwards PC, Creative Law

Edwards PC, Creative Law is an entertainment law firm offering specialized legal services for clients in creative industries including music, film, television, animation, gaming and other creative sectors.

Two of the firm’s lawyers, Mark Edwards and Byron Pascoe, have a background producing television and digital content, as well as in operating creative businesses.

With respect to music, Byron works with musicians, producers, managers, and music companies across Canada. He also writes music-specific content to help emerging musicians understand legal considerations for their business; presents webinars for organizations such as Songwriters Association of Canada and Canadian Musician Magazine; speaks at music conferences about legal issues; and is on the board of several arts organizations including MEGAPHONO.

A strong Canadian live music sector is vital to ensuring a vibrant and sustainable Canadian music ecosystem. Being a member of the Canadian Live Music Association is one way Edwards PC, Creative Law plans to contribute. Byron looks forward to working with Canadian Live Music Association members, and contributing to future discussions and important initiatives.

Byron Pascoe

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