Publicist RFP, POLYPHONIC GROUND (Toronto)

POLYPHONIC GROUND​ is a gathering of 12 GTA-based small- and medium-sized presenters of music with roots across at least six continents on which music is made. A new model for collaboration, POLYPHONIC GROUND ​is working together to build Toronto into a premier centre for the music of the world. Together, our members constitute a Formidable Cultural Force: 40 key people, more than 280 performances a year, audiences of 330,000 and an estimated economic impact in 2017 of $60.5 million.

Job Description: A publicist/firm​ that understands and appreciates the challenges, magic, obstacles, impact, excitement, potential and rewards of presenting diverse musics to an ever-changing audience in the most exciting Music City on the planet. We seek those, like us, who understand the power and value of this Collective — of collaboration in general — and the potential impact of its constituent parts.

Application Deadline: May 23, 2017

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