Protecting Toronto’s Live Music Venues

In November, City Council approved a motion designed to protect Toronto’s vibrant music scene by preserving live music venues and creating a more fertile environment for new industry to emerge.

The motion will lead to a coordinated strategy among the arts community and the City to preserve live music venues in Toronto, and improve regulations to make it easier for venues and artists to thrive. A report to the Toronto Music Advisory Council and the Economic Development Committee is expected in early 2017.

“Live music venues are increasingly under threat due to rapid gentrification and the soaring rents, property taxes, and residential complaints that comes with it,” said Ward 15 Councillor Josh Colle. “By protecting live music venues, we can strengthen employment opportunities for artists, and preserve the source of music and culture that makes Toronto a “Music City.”

City of Toronto is North America’s 3rd-largest and Canada’s largest music market, with an estimated economic impact of more than $700 million per year.

“Music Canada Live applauds Councillor Colle and the City of Toronto for taking proactive measures to protect one of Canada’s greatest resources, our live music venues,” said Erin Benjamin, Executive Director. “We are encouraging other Canadian cities to follow their example, and work to ensure their own live music ecology’s remain vibrant contributors to the economic, social and cultural fabric of our cities and towns.”