Executive Committee

Jesse Kumagai, Chair

"The Canadian Live Music Association is the key to unlocking the potential of Canada’s live music scene. Concerts are among the most powerful economic drivers, agents for social change, and platforms for cultural expression. We’re here to share that story and help create an environment where all the people and businesses behind those concerts can enjoy great success however they define it."

President & CEO, The Corporation of Roy Thomson and Massey Hall

Nick Farkas, Vice Chair

"Live Music is backbone of the music industry. One of the greatest parts of doing what we do is watching the interaction between the fans and the artists… The Canadian Live Music Association allows us to help this vibrant part of the business continue to grow."

Vice-President, Concerts and Events, Evenko

Patti-Anne Tarlton, Vice Chair

"Independently individuals and corporations active in the Canadian live music industry have pioneered touring globally and brought pride to Canada from coast to coast and at all levels. At home we have ongoing work to be done to reduce friction in the delivery of live music on behalf of Artists, Fans and Business alike. For the first time we now have a unified voice with the Canadian Live Music Association to advocate towards a common goal across the country."

Executive Vice-President, Ticketmaster

Wayne Zronik, Treasurer

"Live music is a vital part of the cultural fabric, and brings vibrancy and excitement to all our communities. It is also a driver of significant economic activity for Canada. The Canadian Live Music Association allows the industry to bring a unified voice to the issues and challenges that face the live music industry and highlight the important contribution the industry makes, both economically and culturally, to our country."

President, Business Operations, Live Nation Canada

Tracy Jenkins

"The Canadian Live Music Association is working to foster an environment in which all elements of the Canadian live music industry can thrive. Acknowledging the diversity of needs within the industry, The Canadian Live Music Association has a perspective that is both broad and deep, making it an effective advocate for this very complex ecosystem."

Executive and Co-Artistic Director, Lula Music and Arts Centre


Vanessa Arscott

"The Canadian Live Music Association provides a platform and a unified agenda to preserve, cultivate and appreciate music culture. I am grateful to have an opportunity to discuss common goals and help create the structure & support that is required to keep the music live!"

Director of Production, Plan V Productions

Samir (Sam) Baijal

“The Live Music experience is at the heart of our work. To make it the best possible experience for our patrons is the priority. All with a clear sense of environmental responsibility, sustainability and equality at forefront of our goals. I am honoured to be part of The Canadian Live Music Association and be able to collaborate with such a diverse group of talented individuals.”

Artistic Director, Hillside Festival

Louis Bellavance

"Live music is the main power of the music industry right now. With songwriting, it’s the essence of our business. Always been there, always will be. Therefore, we need to take very good care of it. The Canadian Live Music Association is a major step toward bringing Canadians together to achieve that goal."

Programming Director, Festival d’Ete de Quebec

Joelle Bertrand

"The Canadian Live Music Association is a great tool to empower and unify the live sector. Concerts and events have always been the backbone of the music industry and we are at a critical time, where we need to ensure the longevity and health of the business. I am thrilled to help advocate and support the CLMA in all its endeavors."

Senior Music Curator, Amazon Music Canada

Melissa Bubb-Clarke

"If venues across the country are our Town Halls of today, we need to ensure we are building and supporting a strong, diversified and accessible live music industry. The Canadian Live Music Association is a necessary and important advocate, shining a light on both the economic impact and cultural role live music plays in our country. It goes without saying, that especially now, during these incredibly challenging times, that we need a unified voice and solid plan to see us through. I am proud to play a part in the Canadian Live Music Association and look forward to our industry rebounding and being at the forefront of our country’s healing."

Vice President, Music & Live Events at MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Partnership)

Kerry Clarke

“Live music is a ubiquitous art form that unites and engages audiences and artists in impactful, lasting ways. The Canadian Live Music Association is central to the conversation and advocacy of Canada’s deep and diverse live music sector. By collaborating with the industry that supports artists and venues, the CLMA is key to nurturing and championing creative and original artists, developing and enhancing careers and ensuring musical discovery is fostered with the public.”

Artistic Director, Calgary Folk Festival

Kevin Donnelly

"Working with creative and passionate people from all facets of the music business, there is no doubt that the Canadian Live Music Association represents the needs and concerns of the live music industry. Furthermore, the Canadian Live Music Association fosters a proactive community of music industry professionals to enhance and promote the enormous impact of live music in Canada."

Senior Vice President, Venues & Entertainment, True North Sports & Entertainment Limited

Troy Greencorn

"Who ever thought our industry worldwide could be brought to a grinding halt? More than any other time in recent history, we must come together and mine the tremendous knowledge and passion of our sector to rebuild our industry. The pandemic is beyond our control, but we can certainly control our response and actions going forward. This is an opportunity for us to refresh, regroup, refocus, re-scale and restart. Since gathering restrictions were implemented in March 2020, I have seen the creative sector come together like I never thought possible. Government, industry, artists, venues suppliers - coast to coast - large and small - urban and rural, all collaborating to chart a course forward. CLMA has been at the forefront from the beginning, convening us all and providing bold and brave leadership."

Executive Director, deCoste Performing Arts Centre; Founder and Producer, Stan Rogers Folk Festival

Christine Hunter

"Music is storytelling. Music has been a means of sharing cultural knowledge and creating community since ancient times. As a second-generation music festival producer, the live music and events industry has moulded who I am. The Canadian Live Music Association plays a critical role in unifying and representing the vast and exceedingly diverse Canadian music landscape. It is a true honour to be a part of the CLMA team as a member of the Board of Directors to continue to advocate and call for action in support of the live music sector."

Director of Entertainment, Shambhala Music Festival

Tao-Ming Lau

"Tao is excited to join the Canadian Live Music Association - a national platform to advocate for the needs, goals, and interests of live music events + concerts. Blue Crane Agency, representing successful and minority musicians on the concert stage - female, racialized, and LGBTQ artists, is happy to further and center discussions of equity, safety, and parity in the festival and live music sector in this country. We believe that shows and concerts can be a empowering experience for musicians and fans alike with underrepresented stories and narratives coming into and often dominating the mainstream today."

Owner, Blue Crane Agency

Tarun Nayar

"Live music has been the soundtrack for my life - from punk shows in the suburbs of Montreal in the 80s, to playing shows across the globe with my band Delhi 2 Dublin, to programming South Asian talent at 5X Fest in Vancouver. I am honoured and proud to be a part of the team at the Canadian Live Music Association to ensure all Canadians can access the transformative and unifying power of live music."

Executive Director, 5X Fest

Amara Nwogu

"You never forget your first concert and the way it made you feel. Live Music Venues have always been cultural pillars in society. Music venues hold immense historic value and serve their true purpose of bringing fans together no matter their background - to revel in the universal language that connects us all. The Canadian Live Music Association exists to ensure the longevity of our musical spaces and I am excited to be joining such a vital organization."

Chief Operating Officer, 8 Til Faint

Miro Oballa

“Music is power and the live music experience remains the most powerful artist to fan connection. The impact of going to live shows at a young age drove my love of music and is part of what inspired me to enter into a career representing artists.”

Partner, Taylor Oballa Murray Leyland LLP, Entertainment and Media Lawyers

Lynne Skromeda

"Live music is crucial to the Canadian cultural landscape – it builds community and creates meaningful and memorable events in places all across our country. The Canadian Live Music Association’s role in the industry brings the people and all elements of live music together to work on the common goals that give audiences the greatest musical experiences they can have."

Executive Director, Winnipeg Folk Festival

Katy Venneri

“CARAS is proud of our ongoing partnership with the Canadian Live Music Association and we continue to support their initiatives and advocacy work. CLMA’s voice within the Canadian music industry is paramount and it is essential that we have an organization that supports the live sector. Through my work with the JUNO Awards, music venues, production companies and suppliers across the country, I look forward to supporting the organization.”

Director, Events, The JUNO Awards

Jon Weisz

"Live music distills all that’s great about arts and culture into a single experience. It also happens to be the sector driving the music industry through the 21st century. Protecting the delicate ecosystem that helps live music thrive in Canada is a personal passion and a social imperative and The Canadian Live Music Association is a key player in maintaining Canada’s cultural identity and in defending our creative expression. It’s by uniting our voices that we’ll be able to help artists do what they do best."

President & Founder, Indie Montreal; Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief, franconnexion.info; Founder and Executive Director, Les Scènes de Musique Alternatives du Québec (Les SMAQ)

Tracy Jenkins

"The Canadian Live Music Association is working to foster an environment in which all elements of the Canadian live music industry can thrive. Acknowledging the diversity of needs within the industry, The Canadian Live Music Association has a perspective that is both broad and deep, making it an effective advocate for this very complex ecosystem."

Executive and Co-Artistic Director, Lula Music and Arts Centre

President & CEO

Erin Benjamin, President & CEO

President & CEO of the Canadian Live Music Association since its creation in 2014, Erin Benjamin has worked in the Canadian music industry for over 25 years -first as a touring and recording artist and then as executive director of both Folk Music Ontario (2001) and the Canadian Arts Presenting Association (2008).

Founder of the Ottawa Women in the Music Industry group and a passionate, highly-regarded leader, Erin currently serves the Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industry’s Ontario Live Music Working Group as co-chair, on the Ontario Creates Music Industry Advisory Committee, the National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund Advisory Committee and Algonquin College’s Music Industry Arts Advisory Committee, the Ottawa Film Office, the Ottawa Board of Trade, the Unison Benevolent Fund and the RBC Ottawa Bluesfest. In 2017 she enjoyed roles as both the vice-chair of the Ottawa Junos Host Committee and co-chair of Canadian Music Week.

In May 2019, she was honoured with the United Way’s Community Ambassador of the Year Award for her work in producing the impactful “After the Storm” benefit concert, raising tens of thousands of dollars for victims of Ottawa’s devastating September, 2018 tornadoes.

Erin lives in a vibrant downtown Ottawa neighbourhood with her awesome kids, son Oliver and daughter Toby and their pandemic puppy, CharlieGirl the Golden Retriever.