Reopening, Stage 3: Ontario’s Live Music Venues, Recommendations and Guidance from the Canadian Live Music Association (CLMA)

 Message from President & CEO Erin Benjamin to Canada’s Live Music Venues

Good afternoon,

Today the CLMA formally submitted reopening recommendations and guidance for Stage 3 to the Ontario government:

While the requested increases may appear small (100 indoors, 200 outdoors), know our recommendations were crafted through careful consultation.

Tantamount to future increases in crowd sizes across the country will be our industry’s consistent and collective commitment to getting these first few weeks right.  Otherwise, we risk going backwards… which we simply must avoid. Many will not be able to withstand additional setbacks.  Time is short and we need stage 3 to go well, in Ontario and in every province that has, or is, reopening. We hope these guidelines (and others you are consulting) will prove both useful and timely.

Your venue is unique, and because of this these guidelines are strategies to help you consider your own next steps.  If you need support, have questions… if you want to open but don’t know where to start, etc. we are here to help.

We will keep you informed as to how these recommendations are received and responded to by government in the days ahead. For those reading not directly connected to a venue, please support them however you can.

We are all in this together… to those who can open and lead the way, we say thank you.

Erin Benjamin

President & CEO