Our friend Deane Cameron

Deane Cameron is gone and we are struggling to understand, to comprehend. It hasn’t sunk in. But when it does, when we find ourselves wondering “let’s see what Dean thinks about that” or “Deane would know what to do, let’s ask him”, or “you know who we should talk to… Deane Cameron”, we will remember what a giant he was and we will feel his absence greatly.

Deane was our mentor, our friend, our champion and one of the greatest advocates we could ever hope to have at the Canadian Live Music Association. There was never a time he was not there when we needed him, no matter how busy he was.

Deane, thank you for believing in us, and in me. For all of your words of encouragement, your emails and your quiet, deliberate, patient way.
There is no one like you. To simply say you will be missed is to grossly underestimate the size of the hole your leaving creates.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and members of the Canadian Live Music Association, we share our deepest condolences with family, friends and colleagues.

Erin Benjamin, President & CEO, Canadian Live Music Association