Good News for Live Music Sector in Federal Budget

Good News for Live Music Sector in Federal Budget

Good news out of Ottawa today as the Federal Government announced that the Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF) budget would be increased by $16 million over two years and that the Canada Music Fund – while not a program members can access – would be increased by $20 million, also over two years. Budget 2019 also proposes to provide $24 million over two years to the Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage Program and the Celebration and Commemoration Program.

Canada Arts Presentation Fund
The changes to the CAPF program may positively impact many not-for-profit Canadian Live Music Association members, expanding opportunities for artists an audiences and we applaud The Honourable Pablo Rodriquez, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism for his commitment to live music in Canada.

Presenters, concert promoters, festivals and organizations are critical to the creative chain and CAPF has been essential in helping to put artists on stages for audiences from coast to coast to coast. The growth of the sector has been significant, and the increase will ensure that momentum can continue.

 “CAPF, in addition to facilitating access to incredible music for fans, plays a vital role in promoting Canadian talent, and in turn, Canada’s ability to shine internationally. Thanks to the program, our members ensure “homegrown talent” can be discovered, in our own backyards. Export strategies rely on that career growth that comes from domestic touring and local audience development. The touring landscape in Canada is, among many things, an important breeding ground for the creation (and ultimately, global dissemination) of Canadian content.” said CLMA President & CEO, Erin Benjamin.

Live Music in Canada
With the increase, the government is signaling its growing understanding of the way Canada’s touring ecology works today, and the importance of the people behind live music. However, we urge the Government to continue to work with the Canadian Live Music Association and seek ways to broaden its support of Canada’s live music stakeholders. The sector, in its entirety, also generates significant economic impact across Canada. In Ontario, it has measured at $1.2b, creating 20,000 jobs. In BC, $815.8m and over 7,000 jobs. And, it is growing: by 2021, live music is predicted to represent 62% of the total music market revenue in Canada.

Live music positively impacts the economy, shapes the culture of Canada and creates jobs. And, most importantly, it is the lifeblood of our musicians and artists (many of whom earn more of their revenue from live performance than from any other source). The intrinsic relationship between presenters, promoters, venues, clubs, festivals and artists cannot be overstated.

The Canadian Live Music Association looks forward to working with the Minister in the future and we thank the Government for today’s investment and commitment to growth. 

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