Canadian Musician’s “State of The Industry” – Interview with Canadian Live Music Association’s President & CEO, Erin Benjamin

Andrew King of Canadian Musician talks to Canadian Live Music Association (“CLMA”) President & CEO, Erin Benjamin, about the state of the live music industry.

CM: What are some of the key issues or trends currently facing your members or the Canadian music industry as a whole that you’ll be focusing on throughout 2019?

EB: The CLMA will address a variety of key issues in 2019. We’re launching our Raising the Bar program to bring training and best practices regarding safer spaces, harm reduction, and event safety to members and the industry. We’re also leading “Re:Venues: The Importance and Impact of Toronto’s Live Music Venues,” a groundbreaking study seeking to demonstrate the contributions and impacts stimulated by
Toronto’s live music venues.

We’re leading discussions and advocating where necessary – for example, with Health Canada and the cannabis industry.  We’re building a better relationship between SOCAN and the live music sector, advocating for fair policy and legislation on issues that impact the sector at every level of government. Of course, we’re also continuing to support municipalities in their efforts to become “music cities” and working with the tourism sector to leverage the value of live music more effectively and drive music tourism.

CM: What are your ideal outcomes for some of these initiatives, and how do you plan to work towards them?

EB: Our ideal outcomes include bringing the sector together to advance dialogue; to raise awareness of the economic, social, and
cultural importance of all live music stakeholders; and entrench the value of the contributions made by our members and then see
that value reflected in policy, funding, and legislative action and change.

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